Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My how incy wincy has grown.

Remember the spider I showed you in this post, way back in February? Well, we've watched her grow, and boy has she grown. Check out the latest pic, taken yesterday.


lkamphuis said...

He looks HUGE - the kids have them at school - I am sure they could eat a small child!!!!

Karen said...

ACK!!! I almost jumped out of my chair! What's your incy wincy been eatin'??!! We use to have a big spider (not that big) that we joked looked like a crab in the backyard. He made the most amazing webs for months and then one day he was gone.

Cindi said...

eeeeooowww!!! yuck, spiders really creep me out!! Glad he's yours and not mine, lol