Saturday, August 8, 2009

Digital photo sizes for enlargement

Sometimes when I go to get photos enlarged to 5 x 7, the photobooth gives the warning signal that the photo is not suitable for that enlargement so I did some research about what size a digital photo needs to be in order to get a good quality enlargement done. I hope this advice is useful for all you scrapbookers who are sick of getting Pixelated prints. I got it from an online printing service

Print Size/Product Minimum image resolution required
4 x 6 690x460 pixels
5 x 7 805x575 pixels
8 x 8 920x920 pixels 8 x 10 1150x920 pixels
8 x 12 1380x920 pixels
11 x 14 Enlargements 1610x1265 pixels
12 x 12 1380x1380 pixels
12 x 18 Enlargements 2070x1380 pixels
16 x 20 Posters 2300x1840 pixels
20 x 30 Posters 3450x2300 pixels
11 x 14 Collage Posters 1260x990 pixels
12 x 18 Collage Posters 1620x1080 pixels
16 x 20 Collage Posters 1800x1440 pixels
20 x 30 Collage Posters 2700x1800 pixels
Wallet Prints 374x259 pixels

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