Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hot hot summer

It's been really scorching hot this last week or so- temps in the high 30's C most days (100F+). We've been cooling off in the pool. My darling son was trying to splash me as I took photos. I took this shot in sports mode, trying to catch the water droplets in action.


Mrs. Fence said...

Very cool - and you captured the droplets just perfectly! And I thought we were going to be warm here in Maine today in the mid 40s F. LOL Enjoy your warm weather!

christie said...

Great picture!! Makes me want to go for a swim!

Suzi said...

Really awesome pic!! I love pool splashing pics!

Check your camera for a "continuous" setting. Then, you can hold the button down & take many pictures in a row. That way, you should be able to get the shot just as your kids hit the water or, better yet, just BEFORE they hit the water. Fun water pics!