Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blokey cards

I have the hardest time making "masculine" cards. I'm not good at "minimal" and I always think cards for men look better "clean and simple". I'm teaching "masculine cards" this month at my LSS (Made with Memories) since Father's day in Australia is the first Sunday in September.

Guess what? I found a way to make them look "clean" but still satisfy my need for "more" and fancy them up. I designed 3 cards using LOTS of background techniques. Not a scrap of patterned paper in sight! AND I love them. I can show you a little sneak peek, and will put all 3 cards up at the end of the month when my classes are over.
(click on the photo to see larger)

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Karen said...

Ack! You're a tease! Looking so forward to seeing what I'm sure are terrific backgrounds that you have cooked up! :>