Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chinese whispers

We play a scrapbooking challenge at Uproar2scrapmore called Chinese whispers. One member makes a layout, emails it on to the next person on the list, who scraplifts at least 4 elements and then emails it on to the next person. When everyone has done their turn, we can all reveal our pages. It's so much fun seeing how it all started, and how mine relates to that. I was number 8 on the list. I'm happy with my page, but it's VERY different than the original. I've been busting to share it. So here you go!

If you want to see the rest, come check them out in the Uproar gallery.


Karen said...

What a FUN scraplifting, creative, inspiring 'game'! I don't believe I have come across this before and am really excited by it. I love the little circled stars and can appreciate a great introspective pic to make a fantastic layout around! :>

Frankiesue said...

wow that sounds fun Sarah.

Congrats on the design team call, just wanted to let you know there is a little something for you over on my blog......