Friday, March 20, 2009


These flags fly from a pole outside a local house, up by the beach. I don't know the story of the people who live there, but I'm guessing they've come to live in Australia from USA. What do you think?
My friend Christie who lives in Texas feautured flags on her blog last week- I'm such a copycat!
Look at the clouds in the sky. We got a sprinkle of rain on the way home walking. I'm glad the humidity has been broken now the rain is here. It's nice not to feel like I'm melting.


Karen said...

Now you have me wondering what their story is! What about an Aussie married to an American? I've got several little scenarios running through my head! :>

christie said...

I think you must go and find out!! LOL!! Great photo, and I'm flattered that you copied me!!

chrisw said...

Oh I don't mind a bit of patriotism.I hadf one on mine on Australia day..Nice one of the aussie flag on sydney harbour..pretty cool

Cindi said...

great photo! yes, you should go find out and impress them with all your international friendships! lol