Monday, March 23, 2009

Tip for stampers

Don't be like me and leave your bare red rubber for years. Mount it on ez-mount as soon as you get it. This weekend I finally got around to mounting a heap of red rubber stamps onto the ez-mount foam cling backing to use on acrylic blocks. What a job! I didn't want to get my scissors all goo-ed up with the stickiness on the ez-mount, so I stuck my stamps onto it, then sprinkled a heap of cornflour all over them, to cover the sticky parts between the stamps. As you can see it got all over my stamps too. It really wasn't as bad as it looked. I took them outside to cut the rubber stamps (avoiding a horrendously messy cornfloured kitchen). Then I threw away the waste pieces and put my stamps in a sink of warm water, All the cornflour dissolved away and I had lovely clean stamps, mounted on their foam backing. Can't wait to actually use them. I plan to make some vintage ATCs very soon.


Karen said...

Great tip, Sarah! I didn't know you could put EZmount in water! There are some FAB stamps on there! Love all the clocks and watch pieces!! And do I spy Sherry's cupcake set?? :>:>

Cindi said...

wow, whta a big job you had!! have fun with your newly mounted rubber